How we helped a regional energy company drive loyalty redemption and increase frequency

Harnois Énergies Loyalty & Redemption Program

The Results

The final deliverable was a complete marketing automation solution housing customer loyalty data and generating segments for targeting as well as two automated nurture journeys – one designed to drive frequency and the other points redemption.


Made a purchased after entering the journey


of the lapsed group redeemed points after entering the journey

The Challenge

Harnois was looking for a way to increase frequency of customers transactions as well as drive an increase in loyalty points redemption to ensure that loyalty points achieved the desired burn rate and were not accumulating in customers accounts.

The Solution

Vigorate implemented the Salesforce marketing Cloud as well as CDP in order to build segments based on Harnois loyalty data. This included customers who had lower frequency or had not redeemed points for a period of time. The solution delivered relevant messaging to those segments with automated journey programs designed to increase frequency through time-sensitive offers and drive points redemption.

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